Marble Race Madness



Marble Race World Series – A Paper Craft Sculpture Trail

brought to you by

The Smart Templates Building System

Hosts are now being sought.

Short Summary: Your museum or gallery plays hosts to one of the marble race world series events listed below. Video results are published with a challenge to the world and the installation is available for patrons to play with.


WS -1   10 cm Slow Drop

The slowest Marble Race from 10 cm height on a 750 cm x 1200 cm table.

MWS – 2    1m  Leap

The longest leap by a marble from a speed shute from 1m to 3m in height. (See graphic above.)

MWS – 3   I:300 600 x 3 Salom

A speed shute from !m to 300 cm in height establishes an entry speed for a course with three 5cm deviations within 600cm length. Fastest wins.


Your marble race will be made entirely from paper and adhesive.

Its construction will be supervised by a Space and Motion Judge appointed by the site owner will verify an world record performance and publish the video result on the internet and challenge to the world.

The installation is then available for one month for visitors to the host site to safely play with – and access copies of the free publication Marble Race Madness.

For further information:




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