Earners in Affiliate Marketing

All you have to do is set up a link – our web publishers Payloadz even automate the process for Facebook – and you earn. You sign up for free account with Payloadz and set up a jump page.

When someone buys through that link – if it is registered with Payloadz  (free service) – you get the Affiliate Marketers Fee. Payloadz records the transaction: you get your first payment via PayPal.

Internet sales work three ways:

1. Steady Residual Income. This would typically be a link on e.g.s a craft or education page which sells just a few every now and then. Without any further effort you get a regular amount.

2. Buzz Windfall. Suddenly Geodesics (for example) becomes a talking point among e.g. a professional association of architects and there’s a rush of buys through your link.  It could be an association of educators. It could be readers of a certain magazine. Niche marketing.

3. Viral Windfall. Anything is possible. It could be your vid with one of these products gets 22 mil hits or something and that big gush of sales does through your link.

I want you to earn. I am here for the long term. A new craft innovation (or similar product innovation) has about two and a half years. It is strongly in my interest that you do well and that these Affiliate Marketer Links work properly.

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